Writing & Practicing on Tiles : A Good Idea !!

Scientifically writing boost your memory. It helps in understanding concepts better.

If you notice I wrote practicing on tiles is a good idea yes you heard right ‘Tiles’. You might question why not white board, this part is also included on conclusion part. So lets get started.

 #1. Idea Behind it of practicing on tiles

 If you are a student you might be aware of one term i.e ‘Rough work’. During my Engineering exam preparation and other competitive exam preparation we do a lot of rough work or practice sum and theorem on paper or any other book.

Due to this I ended up filling a lot of book just to do memories same theorem of formula again and again.

You might have seen in many movie where the scientist or professor scribbling on glass to solve and write theorems. From that I thought why not we also try this. I wasn’t ready to buy a white board immediately or directly try on glass window .

When I look around my house I was searching what can replace board for know. Answer was ‘Tiles‘.

I bought a white temporary marker and start practicing on my wall, know I don’t need to buy new book to just do rough work or find empty pages on previous year half filled book.

 #2. Advantages of practicing on tiles

  1. For rough work or practicing you just need one white board marker.
  2. Writing makes you memories faster
  3. Helps in Proper revision
  4. Easy to practise and easy to wipe out
  5. Equivalent to one page short notes.
  6. If your hand writing too big you might end up filling book early.
  7. Easily refill marker pen and start practising again
  8. You can make your timetable well arranged

#3. Conclusion

  • I m not saying directly to start blindly writing on tiles. Sometimes your parent will get angry or your room might not have tiles. In this case you can buy a white board. Trust me writing on board or tiles help you to explain thing better as it helps in presenting concepts as you are teaching to your students.
  • One more point don’t just start scribbling on every wall on road , office it will be very embarrassing. This post is only about help you memories thing by writing on board or tiles if you do a lot of rough work and try finding empty pages on any free book.
  • It help me a lot during my competitive exam preparation where a practice all important concepts within 30 minutes. At the end if you don’t need you can always go ahead for paper or white board nothing wrong in that.

Hope you like this post. Comment down below how to practice any suggestion you have.

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