Technical Presentation on Perovskites : My Experience

On 22th March 2019, I participated in a Technical Paper Presentation Competition. There were different theme domain such as Cyber Security | Medical & Health | Smart City | Defense & Space | Modern Agriculture and Energy Optimization.

My area of Domain was Energy Optimization for topic :

Low Temperature High Efficiency Fabrication of PEROVSKITES solar cell using TiO2 nanoparticle Layer

Presenting Conclusion part of Presentation

I was preparing for topic for last weeks, searched differnt reserach paper and one general article

Emerging Solar Technologies: Perovskite Solar Cell

by Amruta Mutalikdesai and Sheela K Ramasesha help me to understand detail fabrication and concept behind perovskites and why its a breakthrough trend.

Presentation started at around 10 am, I was the first to present, timing was strictly 10 minutes, there were different criteria set by honorable judge foe presentation based on

  • Understanding of Topic
  • Research fitting the domain
  • Actual Concept | Theory
  • Presentation Skills

After my presentation, other team successfully presented their topic. Then we had a lunch and results were to be announced shortly.

I was little nervous, but when I heard,” In field of Energy Optimization, 1 st prize winner is Suraj (and my topic name announced)”. I can’t my feeling , I was on cloud nine. All the hard work all hustle finally paid off in the end.

This competition has help me in boosting my confidence to talk in front of people, how to present in technical manner. Still there are a lot of things & I will improve as I will present myself in front of crowd more frequently.

Following are two small video of whole journey

Day of Preparation to Day of Result

You can Download the presentation from below link

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