Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha | Futuristic Complete Display Concept Smartphone

Xiaomi’s Mi MIX Alpha is a functional concept smartphone with wraparound display. A futuristic phone that shows avenues for Xiaomi to explore during 5G era.


  • Complete wraparound display from side to all over around back.
  • Notification corner at side display.
  • Innovative display acoustic technology

Xiaomi recently teased with cool idea of functional concept smartphone with no boundaries, yes you heard it right, no boundaries. The Mi Mix Alpha which actually isn’t foldable comes with 360 degree wraparound display going right from front screen to side bezels to back of the phone.

MKBHD recently released a hands-on video with the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. In the video, you can see the complete screen display on the prototype smartphone.

The main focus of smartphone is 2088×2250 resolution display. The Mi Mix Alpha has the Snapdragon 855 Plus, 12GB of RAM, and 512GB of UFS 3.0 flash storage inside. The battery size of 4,050mAh with 40W fast charging. Xiaomi claims that it’s a 7.92-inch display, measured from end to end. Smartphone comes with 108MP primary camera, 20MP ultra-wide camera, 12MP telephoto camera and dual led flash light.

Mi Mix Alpha also looks incredibly thick and is quite heavy due to its metallic chassis & ceramic for the camera strip on the rear of the device. In display finger print, 3.5mm headphone jack, power button at top.

Image: mi.com/global/mi-mix-aipha
Image: mi.com/global/mi-mix-aipha
  • Innovative layered lamination technology, breaking the limit of bending curved screen and revealing an incredible Surround Display.
  • Protective structure is deployed to prevent the display deforming which ensure the smoothness of the surface after multiple unlocking operations
  • Use all new display acoustic technology to optimize sound experience, significantly improving sound quality.

In short summary

  • Looks cool & futuristic
  • 180.6% Screen to body ratio
  • Full screen front panel
  • Notification at side display bar to check quickly.
  • Rear display with quick access to widget
  • Due to its design there is always a fear breaking it if its slip from hand, even though screen is made up of gorilla 5, complete screen will always make its inconvenient to handle.
  • Mi Mix is quite heavy.
  • Side display are actually not smooth, they are two large curve glass sheet which meets on each side.
  • No selfie camera on front, actually when you switch to selfie mode, you have to switch to back to use primary 108MP camera for selfie.
  • Due to all screen there might be battery drainage.

Technology in smartphone is exponentially increasing, we never thought removal of headphone jack from iphone, but today idea is used by almost all smartphone companies. Mi Mix Alpha although is a concept smartphone who knows wraparound display idea can too be the future of 360 degree screen.

Image: mi.com/global/mi-mix-aipha
Image: mi.com/global/mi-mix-aipha

So what are your thought on Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Smartphone, will you buy this smartphone ?if you get a chance to, do share in the comments down below.

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