IoT Post Lockdown | Key Steps for Manufacturing

According to Maitrey Modha CTO- AMEA & ANZ, IoT companies would need to come up with customized solutions based on each type of manufacturing process.

IoT Post Lockdown
IoT Post Lockdown


Maitrey Modha, of CNH Industrial has put some important points for IoT companies on tackling issue, according to Maitrey Modha to make up loss manufacturing sector will have to works in shifts 24/7 over period of 6-8 months. Enterprise IT leaders should start evaluation of what all can be done remotely and what all can be automated.

“Right from the incoming raw material, sorting and putting it in the respective warehouse, analysis of automatic picking and replenishing to the manufacturing line, pre-dispatch to final inspection of the product needs to be automated. Which would mean that many of the IoT companies would need to come up with customized solutions based on each type of manufacturing process,” Modha said.

Modha said,” It isn’t one standard set of tools to be implemented for everyone, but based on the type of manufacturing vendors would have to think of possible solutions for each of the processes and integrate those together to achieve end to end automation


While Modha says automating should be done at large scale, robotics will come into play. “IoT would need to automate to such an extent that the replenishment of material happens through the automated algorithms and the equipment that are used for logistics are enabled with remote working capability and the replenishment of parts happens through the warehouse to line. From the line the robots would automatically continue the assembly,” he said.

Modha added, “You are able to do visual inspection over the remote. It would not be completely automated but it would be a mix of remote visualization and remote controlling using these tools and technologies.”


“We enabled remote desktop access with a secure tool, where through the user’s address one can authenticate for the first time, download the signature on a personal PC. One can then log into the workstation from a personal PC and open internet,” Modha said.

Modha also claims cloud to be of prime importance at this point. “All the office automation tools are currently utilized from the cloud as on premise infrastructure is not capable of end-to-end work from home solution. So the cloud is of prominence today as internet providers are at their highest capacity now,” he said.

Modha says, “I foresee a lot of budget cuts and a lot of projects getting postponed to the end of the year or next year. Some might even completely get cancelled.” But the silver lining he believes will be more spending on cloud adoption and implementation, on automation, and enabling remote work.


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