How To Update 2018 Gmail Design.

Google came up with Redesign of its old classic Gmail setup. Many people are still confused from where to update their old gmail design or will we get upgradation mail.

So without wasting much time lets enable Gmail 2.0 in two clicks.

#. Just 2 Click Away 

Login to your Gmail account.

  1. Hit Setting icon in the upper right of your inbox 
  2. Click on Try the new Gmail button. That’s it 🙂

Classic Gmail

Old Classic Gmail Account

#. ReDesign Gmail

There are in between steps to adjust which layout we are comfortable with after then you are ready to go!!

Gmail Design 2.0 Consumer GIF

Gmail 2.0 Consumer GIF

Watch Video tutorial here. To go back to original classic design you can again click on setting button and click on Get Back to classic Gmail.

To know official detail about feature added in gmail, follow up google product blog here

Hope you like Short Sweet & Simple tutorial to enable new gmail setup. I know it’s small article but someone in need can find it useful and i do not want to waste your precious time on adding unwanted paragraph. Check other artice on BlogTheorem. 


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