How college-graduates can prepare for the market jobs post-corona.

List of things college-graduates can do during this lockdown to prepare themselves for the market jobs post-corona.

The world right now is facing with corona pandemic, from small industries to real state to airlines to multinational companies every sector is under a shutdown. During this time, students who are college-graduates or will be graduating in 2020 might go through very big challenge.

So in this will list out how to be self-prepared for market jobs post-corona pandemic.


To stand apart from the crowd of hundreds of college-graduates one and most important job of yours is to invest time in yourself i.e. getting skilled. Companies for employment will look for a candidate with specific skillsets only. This is the core role of yours to first be prepared for competition.


Free online coursera courses for college-graduates
Free online coursera courses for college-graduates
  • This course will be joining with their partners to provide free access to Coursera for Campus for any impacted college or university.
  • I informed my college authority about this initiative and requested if the student can get the benefit of this course and our college accepted our request. 
  • After a few days, we got access to courses for free, using this opportunity I completed and passed many courses on ML, IoT, and UI/UX design from reputed universities.
  • Here is the link of Coursera for Campus.


Online courses from best universities for college-graduates
Online courses from best universities for college-graduates
  • Likewise, many reputed universities like MITStanfordHarvardIIT-Madras NPTELtoo provide free online courses to college-graduates.
  • If you want to learn Machine learning I have written a post-in-depth here you can see it later here.
  • If you want to pursue higher studies, in recent years there is a rise in Online PG programs, mostly students and professionals from industries prefer doing an Online PG program from a reputed institute rather than offline which required admission through competitive exams.
  • Some of the examples are Upgrad programand Great Learning.


Making practical projects and adding to your portfolios
Making practical projects and adding to your portfolios
  • Suppose you are a recruiter in an IT firm and post this pandemic you got two resumes for job application for the position of the Software engineer. 
  • Applicant (A) has cleared his degree with distinction but he/she does not have any relevant experience.
  • Applicant (B) has got little fewer marks but his/her profile is with certifications, with many practical related projects.
  • Whom will you select? In many cases person with practical experience, this is what I’m mean to say, marks degree are just the first step of validation but whether you will get a job or not will all depend on your skills and knowledge and not your marks.
  • Hence it very necessary to build your profile with case studies and practical projects.


Different freelancing platform
Different freelancing platform
  • You might have heard this quote,” Jack of all trade, master of none” let me chance it a little bit ‘Jack of all trade, master of ONE’. Companies will look for candidates with a particular skillset, hence you need to be through on your skill. 
  • You should know so much in your field that if anyone can give you work, no one can do it better than you.
  • Work from home will be going to stay, recently TCSannounced a 75/25 percentage model. One platform where you can earn 3X times then your normal salary is fiverrfreelancer and Upwork
  • Initially build your profile and getting the first client will be difficult, but once you get projects this will generate a good income for you.
  • Some of the key domain is in web development, app development, graphic designing, UI/UX design, data entry, etc


Blogging and youtube as platform to showcase your talent
Blogging and youtube as platform to showcase your talent
  • Showcase your skills and talent by blogging or by starting a YouTube channel.
  • If you have a passion for writing, based on your expertise you can even start blogging. Even I started blogging from my interest in the technical domain.
  • Many of us thing youtube as only for entertainment if you are passionate about teaching, storytelling you can showcase your talent. Not just that there are opportunities as video editors who look for editors who can edit their videos, this can generate side income for you.


Icon practicing using illustrator
Icon practicing using illustrator
  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop is the best software for graphic designing, Abode XD, Indesign, and invision for UIUX design and animation.
  • Recently I started learning Illustrator and abode xd, all image art in my blog I made using illustrator, above is an example of some of my artwork.


Startup Idea Implementation
Startup Idea Implementation
  • Do you know Sir Issac Newton has to work from home too during plague pandemic, he utilized his time efficiently work on mathematical problems he had begun at Cambridge; the papers he wrote on this became early calculus.
  • So if you have any idea for your startup, this is the time why not give a try with your friends, you can use mit app inventorto build basic prototype app without coding or sketch2code for website building.
  • The government of India had also launched a free online 4 weeks online entrepreneurship program and MHRD Innovation cell. This program teaches you about business insights, plans, and mentoring you can join this course here.


Growing your offline business
Growing your offline business
  • One of my friend’s family has bag making business, my friend after graduation decided to do family business, he came with an idea of an e-commerce type for all types of bags i.e he converted his offline family business to online. Today he has more than 20 people working under him and made profitable business out of it.
  • In this way once can also think differently and digitized family business and can start his/her entrepreneurship journey. 


  • During this lockdown period, you can learn about investment and the stock market. There is no perfect course but one can follow leaders in the investment field like Warren Buffett.


  • Expertise in your field will help in building your teaching program. One can teach in an online group like unacademyor udemy.


  • If you ask any college-graduates his/her most common fear they have is fear of public speaking, during the time you can start working on personality development and public speaking.
  • Spirituality is one more thing one can try, there are much online meditation and breathing workshop this will give your strength, keep your mind fresh and will help in discovering yourself better. 


Points to Blogging
Points to Blogging

I was at my room when I saw down from my window due to lockdown many migrant labors were in line to get a form filled with their medical details so that they can get back to their native place, seeing this many questions began to arise in my mind. Then I thought about a student who also has to leave there hostel, college to their home. 

So just took my diary while watching the crowd noted down point by point and then documented it in the blog.


There will be job opportunities lost in the declining sector while there will be a rise in a few sectors. As a college-graduates, the only thing that you have in your hand is your knowledge, your skills, taking this opportunity and try to self-audit, work on your weakness, focus on your goal and start adding value to your profile.

Hope you like this post, do comments your thoughts in the comment section below.

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