Avenger Infinity War in DIY Hologram

Recently I saw a big glass pyramid like structure at kids fun park. I was amazed to that tech, after some time I came to know it is called a 3D Hologram. It has a large TV display playing programmed video on four side on tilted glass slab. After some time I thought why not make our own small hologram and play our own video.

#1. What is Hologram ?

A hologram (pronounced HOL-o-gram) is a three-dimensional image, created with photographic projection. The term is taken from the Greek words holos (whole) and gramma (message).

Unlike 3-D or virtual reality on a two-dimensional computer display, a hologram is a truly three-dimensional and free-standing image that does not simulate spatial depth or require a special viewing device. 

adam fabio hackaday

Reference : Adam Fabio Hackaday Cortana Hologram

#2. Working 

Pepper’s ghost is an illusion technique used in the theatreamusement parksmuseumstelevision and same concept work here also. Image reflection from same four symmetrical object  reflect on faces of pyramid. It thus create illusion of 3D object floating inside triangular pyramid.

Hologram Peper Ghost working

#3. Making Pyramid Structure

Face measurement

#4. Hologram Video using Video Editor

You can use any video editor of make your own hologram video. You have to select your clip, make three more copies any place as soon in the video in the form of plus ‘+’ sign. I used Camtasia Video Editor 30 day trail version.

#5. Avenger Infinity War In Hologram

Finally I tried to make a hologram of Avenger Infinity War Trailer on one face of pyramid. First download the video, then using video editor place on bottom of screen with mirror screen and finally maximize video to fit properly on pyramid face.

Placing of video for one side hologram

In Conclusion DIY 3D Hologram need just one thing that is glass pyramid. It is not compulsory to make four symmetrical image to reflect inside pyramid structure, you can do with one image also as I done in avenger infinity war trailer. More good quality glass more quality hologram.

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