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Welcome to BlogTheorem ! I’m Suraj Gehlot and I’m founder of BlogTheorem, a place where every quality knowledgable content amplified to maximum. I’m an Electronics Engineer,a Maker,a Programmer and have a keen interest in the field of Blogging, Science and Technology.

I’m a HUGE comics super hero fan. Tony Stark is my favourite. I like designing Logo, website and play with electronics 🙂

Suraj Gehlot - BlogTheorem

How the Journey Started?

My first breakthrough on Internet was the post “How to Make PCB at Home” which I published at instructables.com.

Till know the post has 173k views and 632 favourites. After that I published few more post and one day my professor told me,”You have a talent to document and present technical things perfectly “.This was the trigger point. Since making my own website from start to scratch without anyone help was on my bucket list,so finally after alot of hardwork BlogTheorem was created !!

Mission Statement of BlogTheorem

BlogTheorem is all about educating students,teachers, entrepreneur, engineers and all readers about DIY | Education | Electronics | Science and Technology in short, sweet, simple and presentable way.
Helping our community by Sharing Innovative Ideas, solving howTo stuffs and promoting solopreneruship. 

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